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Originating from Mexico, we are here to provide you all your IT solutions !

We are currently one of the largest suppliers for Latin America data centres.

What’s more with our solutions for data centers

Our solutions allow hundreds of companies to migrate from a data centre completely, to  cross platform applications, without any hassle.

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Have a look at our site to gain more insight on how we can make business management easier for you.

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Geek IT Core We're currently one of the largest suppliers for Latina America Data Centers. Our solutions allow hundreds of companies to migrate from a Data Center complete, until cross-platform applications.

Head Office: Minerva 74, Crédito Constructor, Benito Juárez 03940 Distrito Federal, Mexico

Phone: +5255 62 84 46 19
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Working hours: Monday - Friday: 08h - 18h

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A Brand You Can Trust. They trusted us.Geek IT has been serving the web community since 2011.

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I really enjoyed Geek IT very much, I’m looking forward to using it on larger projects.

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Good support, complete service. I do recommend.

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Proper service in remote places and powerfull support to setup new solutions. Congrats Geek IT

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Quick, reliable and safe. So far so good with your solutions. Tks !

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